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Ann Arbor Art Center

A speculative proposal for the rebranding of the Ann Arbor Art Center - a gallery/art education space in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The original logo felt a little too uninspired for a business in the art & design industry, and the low-contrast color palette created a lot of usability issues across both the website and print collateral. A secondary color other than another shade of orange was definitely necessary, and a more playful approach to the logo could resonate more with their younger patrons (art camp students) as well as creatives exhibiting at the gallery space.


For the logo redesign, I kept it in a typographical style but added the playful exponent element that ties into the way Ann Arbor's resident's typically abbreviate the city's name - "A-two" or "A-squared." I created a brand texture in guache & watercolor, and after some adjustments in Photoshop I arrived at a play on the 3 primary colors - I derived the brand's new color palette off of it. A coral pink to represent primary red, mustard to represent primary yellow, and a deep indigo-purple to represent primary blue.

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