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Samsung & BCRF

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation partnered with Samsung to create two themes in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. During the month of October, users could proudly display their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with custom Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) smartphone themes - with 100 percent of the purchase price directed to help fund critical breast cancer research.

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Goal: To build off the form of the iconic breast cancer pink ribbon and use elements of the new abstracted shape to build the other elements of the theme (icons, buttons, and the like). The interweaving of the ribbon graphic represents building a network of individuals all working together towards a cure - researchers, donors, healthcare providers, and patients.


During the entire month of October in 2018, my Samsung Galaxy Theme created in partnership with BCRF was the top-selling theme in the Galaxy Store, managing to raise over $200,000 for breast cancer research.

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