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Samsung Elite Icons

Samsung Elite is an app designed to give mobile sales reps an edge when it comes to Samsung products. Each day, users can complete activities to learn about the latest Samsung products and services. I created a variety of badges/icons for promotions, interfaces, and articles. My goal was to make sure the look of all the iconography in the app was cohesive and functional; adding it where it was needed, and refining it where it already existed.


One area that I thought could be improved was the organization of our daily activities. Every week, we created a "Weekly Recap" activity that briefly summarized the content discussed the previous week. I had the idea of categorizing our content by type/theme:

  • Device trainings - learning about the features of the device itself

  • Sales enablement - learning selling techniques and strategies

  • Competitive analysis - learning about the benefits of Samsung over competitors.

  • Launch prep - learning about new or upcoming devices

  • Videos

  • Quizzes

For each slide of the weekly recap carousel, I included the icon associated with the theme of the content. We were even able to incorporate the icons into the UI; when a user completed an activity, the icon would show over that activity's thumbnail image. A user could then use the Weekly Recap to refer back to completed activities they may want to revisit.


During the launch of a new Samsung flagship device, we always ran a bonus point promotion within Elite to encourage reps to learn more about the device. Users would complete a series of challenges such as "Complete five activities" or "Upload a photo of your launch-ready in-store display" to earn bonus rewards points to spend on gifts in the rewards catalog.

I sought to game-ify the experience adding a visual component to the promotion (the badges). Users could track which badges they had earned by opening their profile, which made it easy for them to see how many more challenges they had to complete to earn more bonus points instead of randomly receiving bonus points after each increment.

Badge colors highlighted the colors of the new devices, which were always highlighted during the Samsung launch event presentations with their own special segment.

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