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Samsung Elite Pro Content


This project ties into another project on my site. Samsung Elite is an app designed to give mobile sales reps an edge when it comes to Samsung products. Each day, users can complete activities to learn about the latest Samsung products and services. Reps who complete the most daily activities get access to exclusive weekly "Pro" content that covers advanced selling techniques and industry news to give the most dedicated reps an edge when it comes to selling Samsung in their stores.


The goal of Elite's training content as a whole is to provide conversational, easy-to-digest information for sales representatives to quickly and effectively build their knowledge surrounding the Samsung product ecosystem.


If you've already taken a look at my Daily Activity Content refresh for Samsung Elite, you'll notice that the old Pro content design pictured here looks very similar. I wanted to give Elite Pro it's own identity within the Elite brand, and push the visual elements (the iconography, bulleted lists, full-bleed imagery) even further since the daily content now incorporated many of the elements of the old Pro content.


With Samsung imagery consistently being displayed either over black or white backgrounds (something called out in their brand guidelines), I saw the perfect opportunity to differentiate the two types of content by color - daily activities available to all of the users having a lot more white/lighter colors, and Pro content being more black/darker colors.

Additionally I wanted to include:

  • Co-branded activities like the one shown here with Android. Samsung partners with a variety of different brands on a regular basis - it's always been a key selling feature in their devices, I saw an opportunity to help them stand out.

  • More images and graphic elements to break up the text - Pro content could get pretty lengthy, and the visual aids help the content feel more bite-sized.

  • Step-by-step numbered lists for explaining functionality within the Samsung apps addition to creating a more visually appealing design that utilizes Samsung's carefully thought-out color palettes & brand components. The layout for Pro content could be a lot more complex as content was only updated weekly as opposed to daily, so I had more time to create the comps.

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