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BrightDrop, a subsidiary of General Motors, was a software-focused automotive B2B brand selling the BrightDrop Zevo, a high-tech all-electric step van, and the BrightDrop Core software platform.


I was the Visual Marketing Designer at BrightDrop.


During my two years at BrightDrop, I served as the sole Designer on the marketing team that was only a year old - and the only "graphic designer" within the entire org - so I have a ton of work to share for this experience, from web design to presentation decks to social - and so much more. I encourage you to use the quick jump links above to navigate to relevant sections, or just scroll on through for the full collection of all the work I did for BrightDrop.

BrightDrop product overview

BrightDrop Zevo

All-electric commercial step-in van. Comes in two variations: Zevo 600 (pictured) and Zevo 400

Trace Move

Electrically propelled cart for foot couriers, campuses, hospitality industries, and more.

Trace Grocery

Electrically propelled, temperature regulated cart for automated fulfillment of online grocery orders

Web Design

BrightDrop underwent two full website redesigns during my tenure at the company - let's take a look at where we started & where we ended up!

Homepage design

Homepage from 2021, before I was hired. Lacked personality, interactive elements to break up the scroll experience, and relied heavily on CGI imagery. Also, BrightDrop was about to go through a major visual re-brand that was a pretty big departure from the visual style shown here.

Homepage from 2022, designed by our branding agency. Incorporated the pathway motif to make up for lack of product photography. The feedback we got were gripes about the lack of color, relevant product information, and low visibility of the CTA's driving to our sales form.

My homepage design for 2023. Heavily focuses on real product video and photography to give users a clear picture of the product and incorporates a loading animation to keep users focused on a shiny new hero video. Color is used throughout, tastefully, to provide clear distinguishing between different sections. Subtle motion guides the user toward interactive elements across the page.

Product page design

EV page from 2021, before I was hired. Overall spacing/margins were wildly inconsistent. Some sections had far too large of a margin, others too small. Text-heavy sections felt totally barren without some visual elements to guide the user through longer paragraphs or lists.

Zevo page from 2022, designed by our branding agency. Incorporated the pathway motif again to align with the new brand identity. Still, we relied too heavily on CGI imagery, the page lacked color overall, and the flow of information told a confusing product story.

My Zevo page design for 2023. Heavily focuses on real product video and photography as shown on my homepage, as well as a safety demo feature section driving users to our full list of safety offerings - a major selling point of the Zevo. Spacing between sections is consistent throughout and margins are broken in purposeful ways with unique image crops.

About Us page design

Who We Are page from 2021, before I was hired. Felt like an afterthought. Not a ton of content to show, and relied on stock photography to tell a story. Really needed a CTA or some element linking out to another page on the site to keep users engaged.

About Us page from 2022, designed by our branding agency. A little more content to show this time around, but still pretty bland. Content was a weird mix of product information and company information - lacked a consistent story flow.

My About Us page design for 2023. Showcased our incredible brand film by Victor Haeglin, setting the tone for the entire page. Incorporated an interactive timeline & product ecosystem graphic to keep users engaged on a shorter page.

Please - view my Figma prototype for more designs!

See pages in motion with hover states, videos, animations, and certain interactive elements enabled!

Brand Collateral

Here you'll find documents, advertisements, signage, and more.

Brochures & docs

BrightDrop Brand Overview

Digital brochure outlining BrightDrop's product ecosystem.

Zevo 600 Interactive Order Guide

Digital interactive order guide for the 2023 BrightDrop Zevo 600.

Trace Grocery Product Overview

Digital brochure for the Trace Grocery 1.2.

Office decor

Conference room signs


Wall texture


Paid media


Icon set

I developed a library of 64 icons for BrightDrop to support our visual rebrand.



BrightDrop had some existing icons created before our rebrand, shown here in the old ecosystem graphic. They were a little too detailed to be used at small sizes, and the icon library as a whole lacked consistency in style.


My goals for the new icon library were:

  • Create something more in line with our rebrand by incorporating the 2-tone gradient pathway motif from our new key visuals. (Not pictured, I also created single-color versions of each icon for flexibility of use).

  • Attempt to use one continuous line for the entire icon whenever feasible, to represent a delivery route with a clear start & end.

Full icon library


Browse all of my BD animation work - from overlays/transitions for product videos, to social content.

Product videos

View full-length product launch & demo videos showcasing my animation work alongside film. All video shots courtesy of Jon Speyers.

Trace Grocery 1.1 - Event Content

Animation created for on-screen content at the BrightDrop tradeshow booth at GroceryShop conference 2022.

Trace Grocery 1.2 - Product Launch

Animated elements and transitions for the launch of Trace Grocery 1.2 - an electrified cart made for ease of online grocery order pickup.

Trace Move 1.2 - Product Features

Promotional video for the Trace Move 1.2 electrified cart - designed for foot couriers and other delivery-related use cases.

Social animations

Short-form content for BrightDrop social channels, mostly for our LinkedIn page but some for Instagram, too.

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