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AIGA Decipher

I served as the lead graphic designer & production assistant for the 2018 AIGA DEC Decipher Conference at the Stamps School of Art & Design. I was tasked with applying pre-existing brand guidelines to print materials such as program schedules, name tags, signage and more.


We were granted access to the display cases within the art school where most of the sessions were occurring, so I was able to create large displays for the conference that you could see as soon as you walked in the building, thus reassuring attendees that they're in the right place.



The schedule booklet needed to serve as the main hub for those attending the conference. A majority of the attendees were not from the area, and the conference sessions were split between two different campuses, so we foresaw a need for more than just a list of sessions and their locations.


I created a booklet that was small enough to fit inside of the provided nametag holder (so it was easy to keep track of) that contained maps of the buildings in which sessions took place, helpful travel info such as approximate walk times between session locations, and even some restaurant suggestions for after the sessions close out for the day.

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